How we made Foosbot


Ah, foosball. A game of many names, and many fun-filled hours. Invented less than a century ago, in 1921 by Harold Searles Thornton, we decided, with Markus and Derik, that one hundred years is far too long a time for a game to exist without having been beaten by a computer[1]
While writing this, I figured it might be interesting to look at a table of games, ordered by how long they existed for before they were beat by a computer, before I realized that this chart would inevitably turn into "how long has the game existed for" (I give soccer twenty more years tops). Anyways, the Wikipedia page for human-computer chess matches makes for a thrilling read.


We were at LexHack, and had twelve hours to do something cool. Thus, this project was born. Turns out, twelve hours, isn't enough.

How it "works"

Well, explaining things in text is boring, so we made a wonderful video. Check it out!