Andrew Gritsevskiy

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A photo of me on a mountain!

Andrew Gritsevskiy


Hi! I'm Andrew, a researcher who loves to learn about the world, make things, and go on adventures.

I'm always excited to meet new people, so if you want to go hiking together, do a puzzle hunt, play a duet, or sneak into an oceanography conference, send me an email at !


My background is in deep reinforcement learning, complexity theory, and quantum information, though I am currently working on AI alignment at Cavendish Labs and MATS. I am also quite interested in interdisciplinary approaches to neuroscience, drug development, and astronomy.

Things I Enjoy

You can always email me at ; you can also find me on Twitter and GitHub.

I am currently in the Berkeley, CA area, if you want to meet!

Mailing List

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Here are some projects I've done, in no particular order.

Cavendish Labs

A research laboratory based in Vermont, addressing threats like strong AI and pandemics.

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Lexington Domains

A startup I co-founded with Derik, providing the top-level domain to Lexington businesses and residents.

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Climate tools

Ever wondered what your Köppen climate classification is?

What about current CO2 levels?

How about current CO2 levels in my room? Well now you can know!

Russia: A Nation of Contrasts

A documentary film about the economy of Russia, created with Markus Tuomi.

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The first* fully** autonomous*** foosball robot. Created with Markus and Derik of TuomiLabs for LexHack 2016.

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Holzer or GPT-3?

Can you tell the work of American neo-conceptual artist Jenny Holzer from fake quotes generated by GPT-3?

Find out now!

U.S. Evolution Simulator

What would happen if counties could secede and join neighboring states they like more?

Find out now!

First International Gravity Chess Tournament!

Follow the tournament Here!

Have some TPUs available? Train an alphazero agent to play gravity chess here :)